Avoid luxury and extravagance of money

Avoid luxury and extravagance of money

As your requirements increase, you will experience a shortage of expenditure. Nowadays artificial requirements are on the rise. Ash, comfort, appearance, false pride, luxury, hobbies, fairs, pageant fashion, substance abuse are being spent. These are all objects of momentary joy. Artificial requirements enslave us. Due to these, we experience inflation and tightness. Since we spend most of the income on artificial necessities, we find inflation by buying life-saving and essential substances. Dexterity for simple, simple and healthy life is still relatively cheap. Survival materials – food, clothing, houses, etc. can also be of ordinary status. You can enjoy yourself. Therefore, as the value of life-saving materials increases, you should keep giving up things of luxury and luxury. You only keep an eye on the essentials, buy them at whatever price you want, but avoid luxury and extravagance. Artificial, unnaturally abandon the illusion that is going on to confuse others or to entice you into attraction.

You will ask what is the difference between necessities, things of comfort and things of luxury? Man feels his body as the most valuable. His entire family is also included in the body. He is concerned about maintaining his body and health (maximum happiness). The essential substances of consumption are those which are necessary for the body and health. These are of importance to humans.

(1) Three things are important under life-saving substances- (1) Food (2) Clothing (3) House. There should be food, clothes to cover the body and houses to protect you from winter heat and rain. If these things are okay, then survival and sustenance go on. These items are essential to protect life.

If the quality of these substances is good, then along with body protection, you will also get proficiency. Work power, strength and enthusiasm will increase, the body will remain healthy and man will live long. What are these dexterous substances? Good nutritious food which is rich in grains, milk, vegetables, ghee, etc., durable clothes, which can protect against the cold, standing house in a ventilated healthy environment which can provide sun, air, water etc. to the body. Under the first category, a person will be able to survive even after wearing simple clothes and wearing old clothes and living in a broken hut, but there will be no efficiency, energy, freshness, well-being. It is possible that due to lack of all the elements, the body should become sick and weak, the work power may be reduced, the body may not develop completely. That is why these mastery items are necessary.


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