Every smallest item of home are useful

Every smallest item of home are useful

Use of the smallest item kept in the house. Sometimes she will get work. Inspect the things in your home and find out how they can be used.

Do not waste the waste paper. Keep it and sell it in the market. Keep on collecting trash. With the help of these women can prepare the mat of laying down. Can be sold to make paper, given to fakirs. Many broken items can be repaired and used. How many times, such valuable things are bought from the junk of the junk which gets repaired at a good price after repair. Radios, parts of bicycle, typewriters, electrical goods, locks, mills are found here from the scrap, which provide repair work for years.

Do not discard the remaining leaves after filtering the tea. Collect and dry. This decoction is used for cleaning mirrors and cleaning before furniture is polished. Agni can be prepared from dry tea leaves.

After frying the tamarind seeds, take out the bark on top of it and cut it from the source and use it with betel nut liquor rice.

Do not throw orange peel in vain. Dry them in the sun. Preparing their fine powder and pouring it into the confectionery gives an orange-like aroma.

Dry acacia bark or grind it to burn almond peels. This dental brush is good.

Boil the green leaves of bitter and put their decoction in the vials. Drains and floors can be cleaned with this decoction. They can be used for washing boils etc. Mosquitoes can be killed by sulfur smoke.

Rip the matchsticks from the center with a sharp razor blade. The match will double.

Many of your illnesses can be overcome with home medicines. So read a classical book on home medicines. Save money by making medicines yourself.

To make soap work, remember the following things: (1) Cut pieces of laundry soap and dry it. Dry soap is relatively less wearable. (2) Do not let your soap lie in water. After bathing, bring it to your room and keep it in a dry place. (3) Stick the last remaining portion of the bath soap to the new soap. (4) Put small pieces of laundry soap in a tin box and Add water to it and dissolve them. This can be washed with clothes (5) Do not throw soapy water. Wash the floor with it.

With a shaving blade you can shave a mass. When the blade is moldy, do not be lazy to sharpen. Never forget to wash and wipe after shaving, if possible, apply a little Vaseline on the edge. Junk blade knife can be made. A knife of this type is found in the market. It can be fitted in the same.


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