Follow the meditation in daily life

Follow the meditation in daily life

‘Sage did a great favor on me, but no service was made to me. On their way to in the dream, they met on the way and laid their hands on my forehead. They asked for a loaf of ghee for food, but I forgot to bring it. Then he left soon after a mandatory requirement came.

Some people suspect in the above mentioned event that gorge was a perfect man and according to the opinion of his followers that he had come from heaven place for the welfare of the world, then what was the need for his purification and other means? In his unbroken place, it has been said that ‘I have brought the message of God to show the world the path of righteousness, to play the path of godliness and to clear the path of saints’. So then what is the secret of finding ways to purify the mind like ordinary people and complete the work of public welfare by using those means? How can those who have been invented to save the world, become mindless?

The solution to this doubt is that even the incarnations of the incarnations of God as part of the character are by normal human beings. If they can do great work without study, meditation, means, practice, etc. then what is their example of ordinary human beings? They may get some special divine personalities later, but they should only behave humanly if they wear human body. Mahatmas have two parts of their character – one divine and the other human. Through the divine organ, they fulfill certain tasks, which can be difficult for other people, but they keep their normal way of life like all others, so that their character is exemplary, form and exemplary for us.

Even when searching for Sam, he could not find the true Guru of his choice and perhaps the Brahmins considered him to be a and did not even consider him worthy of initiation, he prayed to the Lord to tell him the Guru.

By this statement, he has directed to follow the ideal of Varna Dharma and folklore. Both these parts also appear in gorge’s character. He showed his divine power by making Maharaja Shiva and the arrogant, eminent priest Ram his followers without any special effect. But like that, always lived life like a normal and poor householder, worked hard by doing physical work, kept up with the problems faced by the family member and followed the women and children. These things are his great characteristics and greatness. If he left the world and became a monk or a miraculous Baba, his character would be useless for the common man. People could have devotion towards them, but could not gain any benefit by following them. But he also maintained his life and living like an ordinary householder by acquiring high quality qualifications in the path of spirituality, this is the most important thing, from which ordinary people can also get education.


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