Human beings should be aware of God

Human beings should be aware of God

How people of narrow ideas object to others on the principles of various scriptures, or tell their communal views to be true and baseless to others, is a sign of ignorance, not religious knowledge. A person who has true devotion, devotion, and religion will see the same element prevailing in everyone. Vedas, scriptures, declarations of saints – All this literature has been composed only for the purpose that human beings should be aware of God and be free from doubt and get rid of the cycle of life and death. Water is only one. Some stay on the banks of the river and work with the same water, some treat the water of the lake and some consider the water of the well to be the best. The river, the well, the lake – the purpose of all these is that the thirsty creatures will calm their papa through them. But if someone starts to debate their names (titles) instead of fulfilling this purpose, then it will not be considered thirsty – it will not be called true curiosity.

Sam was also considered a Soon by birth, so according to the tradition of Brahmin-religion he did not have the right to Veda. He has clearly stated in many incidents that – ‘I do not have the right to distribute’ letters’. But he never quarreled with the Brahmins in this regard. His mind was not so petty that by abandoning the basic element and exerting his power on such fruitless things. They knew that despite the right of Brahmins, not all Brahmins do Veda and what they do, they all do not cross the world-ocean and even if they all cross, what is our loss in this? This does not stop the way for other people to rise higher.

According to this scripture, bad, woman – the door of salvation is open to all, those who are said to possess the Vedas, few of them were going to study them and according to them, they were only few. Apart from this, Veda is very deep, scripture is immense and human life is very short. Therefore, why not take advantage of the secret of religion and spirituality which is easily available in the and linguistics? He who has true passion in his heart does not get into controversy. He will prove his purpose by taking care of whatever means will be found near and accessible.


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