Learn to control over ourselves

Learn to control over ourselves

Blessed is the person whose needs are finite and he does not have to waste much of his time for consumption. Much of his time is spent studying, contemplating, meditating on higher subjects and helping others.

Blessed is the householder who has no fashion, no false pretence, a little tip, or extravagance. Where each money is properly utilized and husband and wife are all supported by it. The husband earns, the wife collects, utilizes, and classifies the daily items of the house, saves the goods from destruction, and the son keeps the accounts of the house. This account is put in every month accounts and then it is known that in which item how much money was spent? How much is too much? What is the reason for that? How can expenditure be prevented in future? How can we get rid of the economic difficulties that occurred at the end of the month?

One who has knowledge of economic power, who spreads his legs after seeing his bed, lives longer and consumes inner peace.

Learn to control Some people say that we do not have control over ourselves. The reason for this is that they are engaged in meeting the needs of artificial or luxury. They have increased their habits so much that they do not survive in that income. If men awaken their conscience and seriously think about what expenses I can avoid. Which luxuries are you immersed in? Then he can succeed in control. There is some difficulty in control in the beginning, but as the wisdom and wisdom are awakened, so much so that he puts power, money and life in the means. The only effective way to get rid of wastage is prudential control.

Never take a loan for the fulfilment of transient indulgence, for the fulfilment of the tongue, for the performance of false pride. You are Indian, Indian people like simplicity and poor. Wastage in marriage, heat, etc. is a sign of our stupidity. No matter how much you marry. With the flow of time, the public forgets everything. The debt that we take in marriage, like a mountain, puts a burden on us, the married couple forgets everything. The house is sold to the house.

Beware of jewel. A true jewel of a housewife is her health, mutual love, goodwill, education, health, ability. Gone is the era in which nobility was made visible only by jewel.


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