Only self-control can help us in progress

Only self-control can help us in progress

Mesmerism mantras, armour, prosperity-success equipment, which protect your evil planets, sorrows, or spread the indiscriminate wealth in the house, which you promise to tame, they all do false business. Well think if without any armour, growth of knowledge, intelligence, wealth, knowledge, memory, or going to the competition can be a victory in a lawsuit, a man can subdue a woman, an arrogant can be in your control Can come. It is impossible, lies and deceit. Never get stuck in the magic ring of any instrument or armour.

See another way of deception- The advertisement is- ‘In the joy of Deep. 3) Rs. In 8 books- ‘H, Su, Ti, hundred rupees talk kiss, the secret album’. You buy a parcel for Rs. 3). You are surprised to open the parcel because there are 10-15 pages of waste books printed on almond paper, thus hundreds of people have become rich by cheating the innocent people. It is regrettable that the government also does not prevent this deception by restriction.

Clocks advertisements also have less essence. It has often been seen that such watches do not operate at all. Neither is it right. People who buy cheap watches cry.

Nowadays most of the advertisements are related to cinema. People are attracted by writing pictures of two actresses, a fluttering song, and descriptions that deceive the public. Each film revolves around the same love story, songs provoking lust, attempts, corrupting scenes of curiosity. The youth of this poor country are prostituted by this venomous entertainment, walk on the steps and enjoy the raga colours. Everyone should buy and buy goods on their own. If an item is useful, then only there is profit in buying it. One should not play Ho of rupees only for momentary temptation, for fun or entertainment. Only control and self-control can help us. Unless you feel the absolute need for something, and when the work does not go ahead, then it is advisable to purchase these things.

Some people are very fond of making their hair black by disguise. He wants to act like a youngster. This is utter foolishness. The hair turns white again after one day.

The jewellery you read is not gold. There is only a bag of gold in it, which clears up after a few days. So be careful with them.

Sometimes, the lottery and prizes are used to sell goods. Greed for prize tickets makes people buy those items, not for utility. This reward is also hollow. Often a cheap item is given.


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