The deceitful advertisement misguide the readers

The deceitful advertisement misguide the readers

When you see an attractive advertisement, you start feeling the need for the same item. Various types of creams, Vaseline, soaps, powders, hair growth oils, perfumes, teeth whitening medicines are advertised to cheat you. In all these, the basic elements are usually the same. Their advertisements are often so attractive, their language is so artificial, deceitful that foolish readers get completely misguided. American and English magazines are filled with 20–20 pages of advertisements in magazines. Writing advertisements is also art. The same person can write good advertisements that can deceive others. Attractive advertising also removes waste, dropped, rotten throat goods. Some people only print advertisements, buy goods in the market in order and charge their commission. Sometimes something else is written, something else is sent. The buyer is in another city who cannot return the waste. He has to be satisfied with what he got.

Advertisements for medicines are very spoiled. Ha churn, suitable for diarrhoea and closure, spasms, or sour belts, loss of appetite, abdominal diseases, are advertised in large quantities. Mad Man Ram Vilas, who enhances masculinity, provides semen-enhancing erections, is full of pills, thousands of headache balms are being sold. Many Ka is looting the public by selling medicines, baby, warmth, baby medicines at a high price. It is even easier to rob women. Advertisement is given in the name of a woman. Women are troubled by many terrible diseases. Poor people quietly get medicines. Thousands of rupees are looted every year in India on the pretext of procuring children. The filth of society can be seen in magazines with advertisements of semen disorder, metal attenuation, dreaming, premature ejaculation, impotence, asthma, chronic fever, tuberculosis. There is almost no truth in these medicines. There are minor stimulants, which cause more harm than gain.

The business of selling dirty books in the name of Kim, which gives impetus to the vulgar and vulgar trends, is going on well. These people are taking society on a dirt path in the name of Kama weapon (which is not bad in its true form). Often, photographs of naked women, colourful postures, albums, pictures of kisses, contraceptive drugs, advertisements for birth control items are deceiving society in large quantities.


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