The mind should be controlled for awakening

The mind should be controlled for awakening

It is two and a half thousand years old. An old beggar was driving on the highway of Kim city. The old age had bowed her waist. The eyes’ light had weakened, the teeth had been dropped, and the legs had twinkled. He was calling for a piece of bread, but instead of giving bread, many mischievous boys followed him and teasing him in various ways. So, while walking a state chariot, he stopped near it and a young man with a deity-necklace descended from it and started looking carefully at that beggar. He asked his charioteer- who is this and why is this plight happening? Then he came to know that this is an old man, who is unable to earn a living due to incapacitation of the body and wanders here and there to get rid of hunger pangs.

The prince came to know this a unique scene because he had not seen any demented grieving old man before today. In the environment in which he was kept till now, he never got the opportunity to see the events of grief, suffering, disease and mourning, except for the best scenes of pleasure and pleasure. Today, coincidentally, seeing a person who was in such a shabby and disgusting state, his eyes opened. It was Prince Gautama, who later became famous as Mahatma Buddha.

Going forward, he says, ‘The mind should be controlled so that the new day of awakening continues to rise.’ But it is difficult to say as much as it is easy to say, gorge understood this very well. Therefore, he has repeatedly prayed to God to give him the power to subdue the mind. In this view, they condemn the autocratic mind and say – ‘Even if you wish to stop the mind, it does not stop by the arbiters. My mind only hurts me. Inside it is full of worldly pranks, devotion is visible only outside. So oh my goodness! I keep this mind at your feet. Because of this mind, O God, I am very sad. Can you not stop these disorders of mind also? It has created mountains of work and anger in my path so that God remained on the other side. I cannot cross these hills and there is no way out. Now, where is my good heart lord? They left me and left. The mind is so fickle that not even a moment or a moment remains constant. I stopped it a lot, tied it up, but it gets worse.


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