The seekers believe in the path of spiritualism

The seekers believe in the path of spiritualism

The seekers of India believe that no one can succeed in the path of spiritualism without the grace of Sage. Many people say that we have studied the texts, have also understood their secret with our intellect, now what is the need of the teacher? Those who have this type of idea, in the end, they seem trapped in the ego trap. Even after attaining knowledge, it is very difficult to practice and take full advantage without proper guidance.

‘If you have memorized Vedas and weapon with six parts and started writing good poetry and prose, but your mind is not attuned to the Guru’s feet, then all is meaningless.’

Sam was not an ordinary wanderer of the spiritual path. Therefore, whoever he met, did not make him a guru in the same way. Seen many of them tightly on the test, and then proceeded to salute from a distance. Wherever there came to hear the beautiful words of spiritual knowledge, but its direct symptoms were not seen anywhere. He repeatedly humbly called for the Sage, but everywhere he was shown to be ‘showy mountains and walls without foundation’. Sage was irritated by the hypocrisy and arrogance all around and he took a lot of news in such ‘sang’ of such saintly saints.

‘The mind is full of work, anger, greed, but from above it is manifesting a sense of inferiority. Such Guru’s blatant words deceive the world with knowledge.

Some are lying in a circle of prosperity, some become speech-perfect. All of this makes me feel lost, I don’t even want to see them. They show the ‘glow’ of disinterest, but indulge in subjects themselves. People are taught knowledge, but they do not have any experience.

The ‘saints’ who filled their stomachs by becoming such stingy, half-baked and gurus got many places, but how long did it take for Sam to test his pure and subtle intellect as true and false? He said at the same time- ‘There are no saints who create hymns and praise. There are no saints in the family of saints. Saints who fill their homes and teach disinterest to others are not. Only storytellers, spiritual discourse wearers, garlands, wrappers, forest dwellers or chanting ascetics are not saints. These are all external signs, they do not reveal anyone’s (spirituality) saintliness. ‘ In the end, how Sam solved this problem, he reveals his experience in this way –

‘I tried to find God in the minds of the learned, but saw that arrogance was behind them. The scriptures – When they saw the great priest, they were engaged in showing each other down. When he tried to see self-loyalty, his efforts were turned upside down. Seeing the Yogis, there is no peace among them, they continue to revolt against each other under the influence of anger. So oh my goodness! Now do not force me in front of anyone. Tired of all these measures, I have now firmly held your feet. ‘

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