The wasteful spend of money during a marriage

The wasteful spend of money during a marriage

In marriages, false pretences, rich neighbour’s contests, outings, trips, festivals, donations etc. you often spend so much time that you are unable to manage for many months. If the wife insisted on jewellery, sari or any other precious thing, then instead of looking at your pocket, you immediately buy anything of the hobby just to please her. We ourselves saw a friend buying a precious watch for his wife, even when the wife did not know how to watch. Fountain pens are often bought so precious, which have to be maintained like jewellery. Yet the fear remains that no one can lift it or fall. In his novel Gab, Pre has written an account of a husband who hid his real condition from his wife and finally suffered a lot. Done government money to make her jewel. Often we take our bankruptcy out of not having control over our desires and being defeated by temptations.

You earn one rupee a day but want to keep food, clothes or houses as good as possible. Even in fashion, there is no want to reduce comfort and luxury items – cream, powder, shaving, cinema, silk cloth, suit-boot, fragrant oil, cigarette. Then tell me why not become a debtor?

Your washer man earns you 10 rupees a month. You do not wear a washed shirt for two days. Pant’s creases, colours, spoil it in a day, go for haircutting every week, polish shoes every day, without electric fans and radios, your work does not work. Money is not available, yet you buy newspapers, call friends at home and do something. You lose a lot of money in rickshaws, trams, bicycle rides.

There are three things that have made the most men poor and indebted. The person afflicted by these three never grows up. These are intoxicating adultery and litigation.

In diseases, you get 8 to 10 rupees a month Spend, if someone has a fever, someone coughs, a cold, a headache, or a tonsil. The wife is grieved by leucorrhoea or menstrual diseases. If you yourself are a victim of constipation or any other latent disease, then what is there to say. Sometimes an injection, sometimes someone keeps on taking medicine of strength. There are some diseases that you have raised by growing yourself. You do not clean the teeth, then get new teeth or treat them on the next day. The dental doctors thrive on your carelessness and laziness.  In the locality, doctors, hakim and those who cure the diseases are increasing in number. The unrighteous give their money to victims of diseases and raise them.

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