Thirst of human desire is never fade away

Thirst of human desire is never fade away

You earn 100 rupees monthly, the neighbours consider you financially rich, you get money in your hand, but you feel very sad to see that your salary ends on the 20th of the month. The last ten days are dragged out of tension, debt, tightness and difficulty. You borrow from the market, you cannot buy even life-saving materials. Your servants, children, wives ask for money from you, marketers send you some form of concealment, you keep on mumbling and eagerly wait for the first date of the month. This sequence goes on twelve months of the year. Some savings are not made in old age, others are dependent, children are not able to get married, sons are not able to complete higher education or their aspirations. But why?

Well, take the bill to the cigarette shop near your house. How many rupees do you spend in a pan cigarette a month? You use at least 6 cigarettes and two to four cigarette daily. Good cigarette matches are kept in your pocket. Even if you spent four to five days on it, then eight-ten rupees a month was blown into cigarettes. This is the minimum expenditure of a cigarette person. Usually, it is from 14 to 20 rupees per month.

Dumplings of Coffee House, Restaurant, Soda Ice Cream, Light Ask the Shaman people how much of their revenue do they take? If going alone then बिल) or॥.) Come otherwise 1) -1.) Bill is formed when going with friends. By buying a cup of tea (or indirect venom?), You waste your sweat money in vain. Chu, sorbet, soda satisfy the gourmet habits of the moment. The desire remains unquenchable. Sweet does not bring any strength, nor is there any permanent benefit, huge disorders arise in the stomach.

The cinema house ticket seller and gatekeeper recognizes you. Does he smile upon seeing you? Laughs and does two things. Film actresses complement the bridge. You see this film, as well as seeing a sample of the other, you bring the seeds of seeing the other to mind. After a second, there is the tune of watching the third film again. And by spending money, you bring from the cinema the senses of lusts, lustful pictures of sickening imagination, dirty songs, romantic feelings, mischievous habits. Also, we destroy our eye lights. There are many ways of secretly lusting, thinking, brainwashing and suffering from disease, and death. The lion of work exploits us. God has said- “The three great monasteries of hell are open day and night. The first door is of use, in which the slaves of the subject lusts are forced and dragged. ‘ Cinema is the first gate. 14 to 20 rupees a month, we happily visit the cinema and buy cheap, useless, pornographic magazines related to cinema.


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