Unnecessary expenses should be avoided

Unnecessary expenses should be avoided

One way to avoid becoming debt-prone is to buy a cash deal. If you make it a rule in life that whatever we take will be cash, we will not borrow, we will have money in hand, only then you will be free from debt. Many people are ruined because they kept borrowing boon.

Since the loan gets merged, we often take things that we do not need, or which tempt us involuntarily. The shopkeepers are eager to remove the goods from the shop. On seeing your little interest, I will give it immediately. I will only recover the money from you. If you do not give, then the case will go on, slander, but their money cannot be killed. You have to give Their item will be sold.

Prof. Stuart Kenji writes in his book ‘Your Life’ – ‘An innocent and simple way to save money was that we stopped borrowing at all.’ We had two stores filled with such items, which were sold by the shopkeepers by taking undue advantage of our interest. At that time we did not feel that the rupee was being spent, so we kept spending it with an open hand. When the wife started reducing the cash deal at the businessman’s shop, she bought only useful things, leaving hobbies and things of fun. We started saving money by leaving the habit of borrowing things only by telephone to the shopkeeper. ‘

Some people get trapped by the commission paid by traders, or ‘fallen prices’ and buy things. Sometimes – 2 shoppers cater to customers by giving calendars, pictures, advertisements or small items as gifts. They give the temptation to give money after one month. Advertisement to pay half the price by keeping the price of things higher, big commissions are paid to those who sell goods. Therefore, it is not appropriate to fall into unnecessary expenses incurred in the temptation to pay it forward.

What is taken in instalments has to be paid more than cash. When radio, chest machines, education courses, books etc. are taken from instalments, then they cost 30 per cent more. You consider the favour of such shops, but the value of this favour is often very much. There is also a special thing, as long as you do not pay the full price of the item, then the big firm or shop also owns that item. If the instalment is not given, then that item is taken from you again and all your money is killed.


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