Use creativity in your own work

Use creativity in your own work

Do not throw the greens vegetable leaves. Cook the leaves of vegetables like radish, turnip, cauliflower, etc. The leaves are relatively high in vitamins. If cooked and cooked, they become very tasty. Use more vegetables such as carrots, fenugreek spinach, etc.

After the rains, it is advisable to repair the houses, renovate something new, colour whiteness, beautification etc. If you hand in doing these tasks yourself, learn some work yourself, then you can decorate it in a durable and modern way at very little expense. The worker who is with you 3) Rs. Working on a daily basis, they are much less intelligent than you. When they can do this, how will you not be able to do it? You can definitely do this work. A little practice, handling, intelligence, and diligence – you’re all done.

Use of cow dung is good for plucking. It has some preservative properties, connects the cracks, but these properties are remembered only in fresh cow dung. Where the dung is stale that it starts to rot. The dung is also found to have the property of maintaining warmth. Lime whiteness is an animal destroyer. Lime whitening slowly draws carbon dioxide out of the air, making the walls stronger.

The crowd of house pictures, mirrors, photographs, scene-scenery effigies is not artistic. These things should be absolutely guinea, due to their low or small size, there is an inconsistency in the decoration, light is hindered. The real foundation of home beauty is the cleanliness that you can do yourself.

Do not sieve wheat, maize, or flour, make the habit of eating lentils also peeled. Bran and cereal peels are the most nutritious substances. It is foolish to throw them like this. There is a loss in your financial and health terms. Keep the grains clean in such a way that small animals of any kind do not fall into it and it should not be destroyed by mice.

Do not swallow buttermilk or milk on a whim. Put it in the mouth and drink it slowly by sucking it. Enjoy with the tongue. You can take full advantage of it.

The practice of giving water and jag to our guests is extremely excellent and scriptural. After coming home after walking in the sun, drinking jag and drinking water is beneficial due to the alkali living in jag

Even if you miss your job, be afraid, do not ask for a job like begging here and there. You have experience Don’t be impatient to sell that experience. Wait and think.


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