Science and rationalism in twentieth century

Science and rationalism in twentieth century

Science and rationalism are major achievements of the twentieth century. From them, convenience – new doors of means were also opened, in understanding the situation, a level of intelligence was also developed, but at the same time due to misuse, both these era miracles created new losses, problems and disasters in place of profit. Started The process of economic colonialism started in order to consume the products. Wars were instigated so that additional products could be thrown into them. Skilled workmanship found a place, the bread of the people living with the help of home industries was taken away. Due to lack of work today, a large number of people are unemployed. Circumstances are falling below the poverty line day by day, so much so that the rich have been rich.

Factories and speedy vehicles are continuously spewing poisonous smoke and filling the atmosphere with poison. The mineral fuel burning in them has been exploited so fast that the entire mineral deposits do not work for a century. Earth is also being emptied of those estates by an excavation of metals and chemicals. Along with losing them, the important potential of the earth is decreasing and its effect is on the animals that survive the production of the earth. The waste of factories, factories growing in reservoirs is making it a necessity. Breathing and drinking water, it is feared that there is a glut of dull toxins in the bodies.’ If the sequence remains the same, then the sun rays from which the evolution of life on earth has occurred, they can also destroy due to excessive threat in the absence of sieve.

Molecule – The new venture to develop energy has started spreading radiation, it has also created a problem that where the ashes generated by them will be burnt? Wherever it is kept, it will create a crisis there.

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